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Let me tell you about myself and my plumbing business

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I have been plumbing from the age of 16. I got an apprenticeship at the age of 18. I completed my NVQ qualification at the age of 19.  I stayed working with the company that offered the apprenticeship to me until I was 22.


I then proceeded to start and launch my own company

AJA Plumbing Services, this was a tough but an exciting decision to make. It wasn’t easy at first and there were lots of things to take into consideration but I felt my ambition and drive kept me going.


By the age of 24 I found myself inundated with work and my customers were referring me to their friends and family. 90% of my work comes from recommendations. My business has grown over the years and so has the number of my regular customers. I always give an honest opinion on resolving customer’s issues and provide an explanation as to why a problem may have occurred and to prevent it happening again.


I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge from starting out in the trade very young, which has given me an enormous advantage now I am older. I have undertaken lots of refurbishments i.e. bathrooms and kitchens through to complete installations of full plumbing systems. Not forgetting all the old open vent systems and open flue boilers that are still in operation. These types of systems are very old but do work well if maintained on a regular basis.


Thanks for taking time to explore my website.